Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Student Clubs are a great way to improve networking and team building Skills. The Committee includes president, vice president, secretary and web team coordinators. The tenure of the Members is one academic year. These members are responsible to coordinate in all the events held in the college based on the nature of the event.

Rules for student coordinators

  • The Members of the club will be representing the club activities in executing the plan under the guidance of faculty coordinators.
  • Student coordinators must attend regular meetings conducted by faculty heads.
  • The President & Secretary will coordinate all the official functions of the college.
  • Web coordinators will coordinate with student services department to update about the activities of the club in social media, Instagram and college website.
  • The Members of the club are responsible to compile the club activities content for the college magazine.
  • The secretary is responsible for maintaining the minutes of the meeting.


Objective: The primary aim of Cultural Club is to help students keep in touch with the cultural values, and traditions. The Cultural Club aims at moulding the personality of students and exposes them to a wide range of cultural events throughout the year conducted at Gatik. The members selected for the club are around twelve.

Faculty Coordinators for Cultural club :
Mr. Rambabu, Mr. Jayakanth, Ms.Vanita

Cultural Club Selected
1 B. Tarunesh Reddy President
2 Sujeethra Vice President
3 S. Ruhi Secretary
4 T. Sai Ram Web coordinator
5 Karthikeya Web Coordinator
6 Rahul Reddy
7 Varuni
8 K. Abhiram
9 Akshita
10 Suzi
11 Annie
12 Rohith Reddy



Our club offers a competing platform for the knowledge hungry students. It promises to cultivate a passion for quizzing, debating, creative writing, literature, elocution.

  • Literary Club helps to develop self-efficacy and confidence and helps us to enhance the vocabulary
  • Works in Tandem to benefit the students in the disciplines of writing and speaking by conducting events which are instructional and joyful
  • Sharpens skills of logical thinking
  • Develops communication skills
  • Builds essential skills needed in various workplaces
  • Helps to express clearly about what we speak. If you want others to accept your ideas, you have to persuade them softly


Literary club Members- White Scolecite
1 Ashrith Raj President
2 Wekshitha Vice President
3 Abhinav Krishna Web Team Coordinator
4 Aman Srivastav Vice president
5 Vivek Web Team Coordinator
6 Faisal
7 Sai Bharanya
8 Sai Harshith
9 Rahul Reddy
10 Gungun Singh
11 Paul Joseph
12 Manideep


Objective: Our motive is to develop our management skills by being part of this club and part of the activities that this club would include.

Faculty Coordinators: Mrs Sridevi ma’am and Mr Shiva Kumar

Management Club- Blue Sapphires
1 Mathilda President of club
2 Ronan Secretary for club
3 Abid Web Coordinator
4 Hrithik Vice president
5 Bhavana Web Coordinator
6 Chaitanya
7 P.Shiva Kumar
8 Meghana
9 Sai Keerthi
10 N.Abhiram
11 Noel Jose
12 Sushanth
13 Varshith
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