What does Gatik offer?

For the academic year 2021-22, Gatik offers Intermediate education prescribed by the Board of Intermediate, Telangana. MPC (Maths Physics Chemistry ) , MEC( Maths Economics and Commerce) ,CEC ( Civics Economics and Commerce) coupled with Integrated Programs designed by Gatik for Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Architecture, Law, Design , CA Foundation and Management.

What is Gatik's teaching methodology?

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of education, when it comes to learning in the 21st century we at Gatik Junior College believe in an approach that focuses not only on syllabus and academic excellence but one that helps students develop CHARACTER ,CREATIVITY,VALUES and A SPIRIT OF LEADERSHIP.

Structure of Classes and Instructions

  • Cooperative Learning- Learn to work with others
  • Group Discussions- Help with Communication Skills
  • Assignments - Faculty Feedback of Student Progress
  • Team Projects- Teaching Teamwork, help identify students areas of development when working with others, provide opportunities for students to take up leadership roles.
  • Quizzes/ Tests/Exams- Real-Time Feedback of students’ progress to Faculty and Counselling.
  • In Classroom Lectures - Provide foundation of Course Material.
  • Field Training- Hands on training in field of interest through, apprenticeship programs and Industry/Field trips.
  • Frequent Counselling Sessions- keep students informed about the changing trends in their chosen field of studies. Additionally, these sessions provide a safe space for students to discuss and resolve any challenges that they feel might be obstructing their progress at GJC.

Does Gatik offer Integrated coaching for competitive exams?

Integrated coaching will be offered with the Board of Intermediate syllabus, and students will be prepared to face a variety of competitive exams.

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What kind of options are extended in Integrated programs?

MEC students can choose the below coaching options for

  • Design (BDES)
  • Law (CLAT)
  • CA (CA Foundation)

CEC students can choose the below coaching options for

  • Design (BDES)
  • Law (CLAT)
  • Additionally, we offer the below for both MEC and CEC students
  • Journalism & Mass Communications
    (Symbiosis Institute Of Media And Communication, Pune/Lady Shri Ram College For Women, New Delhi/Christ College, Bangalore)
  • Hotel Management
    ( IHM,Delhi/IIHM Aurangabad/WGSHA)

MPC students get EAMCET training and can choose the below coaching options for

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science
  • Architecture and Design

How does Gatik assist students in choosing integrated programs?

With the help of PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING and the guidance of our TRAINED COUNSELLORS, students will be guided through a series of activities that will help them assess their interests, personality, values and skills and decide upon a career that is best suited for them.

Does student get a choice to change option in Integrated program during mid-course

Parents would need to come in and speak with principal to request any changes in program selection.

Does Gatik have student services? What services does the department extend?

Yes, Gatik has an exclusive student services department for us to assist students better in the below aspects

  • Career Counselling services
  • Feedback/Suggestions/Grievances
  • Guiding students with Application process for competitive exams and College applications
  • Mentoring and guidance.

Apart from academics and integrated programs, what else will Gatik offer for student enrichment?

Students will be exposed to a variety of activities that may include:

  • Business apprenticeship program
  • Industry/Educational tours
  • Theatre and Drama
  • Mentorship Programs and Visiting Faculty Lectures
  • Personality Enrichment Courses and Etiquette Training
  • Leadership training programs
  • Providing platforms for Public Speaking & Improving Communication Skills
  • Social Outreach and Green Initiatives programs
  • Ethics and Values training
  • Camping, Trekking, Nature Walks, Outdoor and Indoor sports activities
  • Exposure to International Films (Documentary) & Shows

What is each classroom batch size at Gatik?

  • Each class has a size of 30 students
  • We believe a smaller classroom benefit the students tremendously.
  • The coursework can be adapted to fit the class and match their learning pace.
  • Assignments are more hands-on and can be individually discussed as its easier to encourage participation in a smaller group.
  • Students receive more feedback from instructors and there is more opportunity to learn from peers, small classrooms force interaction between students.

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What further studies can I do after graduating from MEC or CEC?

  • Bachelor of Design (B.DES)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) *(Must have previous Bachelors to apply)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA/BBM)
  • Bachelor of Economics.
  • Bachelor of Statistics
  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Hotel Management Courses
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing

What is the difference between BCOM and BBA?

If you’re good at crunching numbers or want to pursue a career in formal financial fields like CA then a B. Com can be a great choice as it is more theoretical and is a skill-based program. Though you can pursue an MBA after a B. Com, a managerial MBA is better backed by a BBA background, especially if further supplemented by solid post-undergraduate work experience, as a BBA program is more occupation based, it targets students who would either like to be tomorrows Entrepreneurs or Entry level Managers.

How are students trained for Hotel Management, Mass Comm, Journalism?

Our Extra-Curricular Activities are designed to help improve student soft skills . Like Business Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Media Content Development, Apprenticeship, Personal Grooming, Basic Business Etiquettes, General Awareness etc. These are the skills students are judged on when applying to schools without Entrance Exams.

Do you offer coaching for IIT?

No, Intent is to get admission into top 25% Engineering colleges (Non-IITs) and Invest Extra Energy and Stretch Efforts onto Development of Life Skills and Next Gen Competencies instead of Memorizing Maths, Physics and Chemistry formulas.

Do you offer EAMCET coaching?


Who should choose MPC with GATIK?

Apart from those who want to train for EAMCET, this module helps :

  • Prepare for Entrance exams in Top Engineering Colleges , Deemed Universities & Top Private Colleges other than IIT’s
  • Develop a readiness for understanding and appreciating Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, Computer Science or Design .
  • Mock tests for BITSAT, VIT, AMRITA, SRM including online tests for Manipal, Gitam, Symbiosis etc
  • Those looking for Practical training with Logic & Language Workshops
  • Apply to Top Tech Schools by helping with admission processing & selection counselling.

Which is important a seat in Engineering or AI ML Training?

Getting a seat in Top Engineering college is important. Focus will be to get admission into Top Engineering college (Non-IIT) by investing 70% of high energy and stretch hours onto it. We shall also focus 30% of time into building life skills and Next Gen competencies that will help build successful life and careers.

What are the sources of Admission to Top Tier Engineering colleges?

  • Deemed Universities Entrance Exams
  • Private College Entrance Exams
  • Direct Admission into Engineering colleges

Why Artificial Intelligence in Intermediate?

For building Artificial Intelligence skills, the mathematical background must be strong specially Linear Algebra, Matrices, Vectors, Eigen Vectors, Statistics and Probability and basic programming languages like Python and R. No better time to understand the importance of these concepts and the role these play in an AI career.

What is the Future for Artificial Intelligence?

  • Artificial intelligence will soon change how we conduct our daily lives
  • Artificial intelligence is poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption
  • Spend of nearly $100 Billion by 2023(80% spend)
  • Major Job creator in coming years.

How would be AI taught?

The AI training would ensure that student builds a strong base in AI by supplementing and expanding upon the computer knowledge. They take weekly test in which questions are framed in such manner to check their conceptual knowledge.

Conceptual clarity makes the student strong in the subject and creates interest in the subject. So, the student do well in college as well as perform better in Engineering apart from gaining clarity on their career.

Will these skills be useful in future for Any Engineering ?

While the skills in most demand vary from company to company, dependent upon business needs, there are some core competencies that all companies value in AI engineers. Engineers must be able to search through large amounts of data for patterns, possess a deep understanding of algorithms, as well as problem-solving and mathematical skills.

Additionally, all Engineering students take Programming in their first year irrespective of their Major selected. Our Introduction to Programming will be designed to give our students an edge when they start.

How Foundation course in AI would help?

The AI foundation course is perfect for beginners who want to explore and take a step forward in this domain. The training offered is a perfect blend of theoretical concepts and practical learning with real-time AI projects helping students gain the in-demand skills of the market.

How is it different from traditional educational model

One of the biggest problems with the traditional education model is it works on the premise that one size fits all. As we know, in the current context where the world is heading, “one size fits all” does not work well in a college education system. Everybody learns differently.

When you apply the science of learning to the skills you want to learn, you increase the chances of succeeding at learning. It also speeds up the learning process as you are naturally developing the parts of your brain that learn the fastest. Our emphasis on developing cognitive skills helps achieve this.

Why life skills are equally important at this stage?

In everyday life, the development of life skills helps students to

  • Find new ways of thinking and problem solving.
  • Recognise the impact of their actions and teaches them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others.
  • Learn through their strengths.
  • Build on evaluation and analysis.
  • Learn collaboration as a value and skillset.
  • Build confidence both in spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation.

Why is it the need of the hour to change our mindset from the traditional way of thinking?

In today’s VUCA world, “jumping out of the pot of complacency & mediocrity” is becoming increasingly important to gear up for success. So let them jump while they have the energy by letting go of the status-quo at this stage

Is there any Scholarship offered by Gatik ?

Yes , Gatik has Industry extended Merit Based Scholarship, offered to students with exceptional academic background who might not be able to afford an education at Gatik . For more information, contact our Admissions team.

Industry professionals feel the need to attract academically strong talent, with the help of Gatik , they have decided to extend help to those students who are proven themselves competent for the same.

Would successful students be given any certificate / letter?

Yes they would be given a letter of scholarship by Gatik

Would participating students given a certificate?

Yes they would be given a letter by Gatik

Do you provide Sports scholarships?

Unfortunately no.

What is your admissions strategy?

We are trying to recruit students who are capable of excelling in Sciences, Arts , Humanities, Commerce, and Liberal Studies . We want to prevent students with talents in these fields from being recruited into the wrong programs and careers. We use the help of Psychometric Testing and personalized counselling to understand our potential students better and help place them in the right streams accordingly.

Specifically for Sciences ,we would like to attract students who would prefer to pursue a career in Engineering at NON-IIT Deemed Universities. Those looking for a Stress Free Environment to grow in the direction of STEM , while working on their soft skills as well.

We are not about numbers, but about the quality of service we provide to the recruited students. We are not looking to take in only the “Top” students from each school, but open avenues of growth for those who might be gifted in other ways than purely academic.

Does Gatik provide Transportation Facility for its students?

Yes. For more information contact our admissions team.

Do you have a cafeteria for students?

Yes, students will be provided lunch by our cafeteria services at an additional cost.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for admission into Gatik ?

Minimum marks of 50% in grade X following a board syllabus recognized by the Government of India or State.

What all do I need to complete my Application for Admission?

For both in state and out of state students:

  • You need to fill all the mandatory fields on the Application form and pay Rs.10,000/-
  • If from a CBSE/ICSE/IB syllabus school, you need a Migration Certificate and Eligibility Certificate from the school.
  • All students must submit Original Conduct/ Bonafide/Transfer Certificate from previous institutes.
  • We need a copy of your 10th Board Exams Hall-ticket
  • Once results for 10th are available, Copy of Original Marks Memo will need to be submitted.
  • Copy of Student Aadhar Card is also needed for Student Files.

How do I reach the Campus?

The campus is located on the main Gandipet road (Kokapet Cross Roads, Narsingi) connected by the Shankarpalli-Hyderabad Road. 30 minutes from the Airport, and 20 minutes from Gachibowli and Mehdipatnam.

Campus Location

Do you have a cafeteria for students?

Yes, students may be provided lunch on campus by our cafeteria services at an additional cost.

Do you help with college admissions?

Yes , we will help with application procedures, coaching for major entrance exams, and preparing students for personal interviews with Admissions for Top Universities.

Is there Boarding Facility?

Yes we have a Hostel Facility for Boys at our Kokapet location.

Do you have a Uniform Policy? Do students need any uniforms?

No, However we have clear policy on how student needs to be dressed.

How do you help with LAW, DESIGN, CPT,MANAGEMENT?

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What kind of Facility do you have ?

  • Spread out in 30,000 sq ft of space, our campus hosts a Versatile Seminar room, Spacious Classrooms intended for 30 students , no more.
  • An extensive Library with access to Computers and online course material.
  • We are centrally Air Conditioned
  • We have cctv surveillance in all common spaces and classrooms.
  • Relaxing Cafeteria and Indoor Sports area for students to de-stress.

How about integrated programs? Would they be conducted daily?

Yes, every program will have mandatory hours per day that has to be covered.

How can I apply to Gatik Junior College?

Contact or call 7799988416/ 7799988417
You can also visit our campus Monday-Saturday 8:30am -5:00pm and apply in person.

Are students allowed to use cell-phones on campus?

No. If students are found using cell phones during class hours, they will be taken and returned at the end of the day back to the student. Parents who wish to contact their children on need basis can reach out to us :
Landline: 040-29887350/51
Mobile: 7799988416

Are field trips charged extra?

Field trip within city are inclusive, however any trip if needed to be taken to other cities are to paid extra.

What fee is refundable, what is not ?

  • Admission fee is non refundable
  • Transportation once paid in not Refundable.

What are the official timings for the college?

College is operational Monday-Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm

What are the timings for the students of Gatik?

Students will attend classes 8:30am-4:30 pm M-F and some Saturdays based on Integrated Program.

How many years have you existed?

Our Junior College started June 2019. Armed with a team of highly passionate and experienced Faculty members.

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