Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the class room

At Gatik, we understand that scholastic excellence alone does not help students succeed in life. To be ready for the future, other skills are needed too. These include industry relevant skills such as Global Business Communication, Cultural Awareness, and other life skills such as social and Emotional Intelligence. This premise has led us to collaborate with psychologists and brain-based learning experts to design holistic learning methods that are centred around the learner.

We strongly believe that a comprehensive learning environment should inspire, encourage, stimulate and mentor students into becoming well rounded individuals. Which is why our aim is to create a vibrant community with active student participation in activities like music, drama, dance, debates and social campaigns.

Talented students are very inquisitive and learn best when they can find a connection between their classroom studies and experiences of the world around them. To fuel our students, quest for knowledge Gatik provides meaningful learning opportunities outside the classroom that encourage independence, creativity and provide new perspectives.

Along with workshops and discussions with industry professionals, at Gatik we also continuously expose our students to the real work environment through industry/field visits. Along with this we also have a special Business Apprenticeship Program that lets our students test their skills in the real workplace.

At Gatik, our singular focus is to prepare talented diverse undergraduate students to be active and responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

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