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An alumni of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Vanita is a competent planner and problem solver. She is a highly self-motivated individual with great energy.

As the Director of Undergraduate studies and a lecturer at NYU Tandon, she handled day to day business operations for the Department of Mathematics. Some of her responsibilities included new course development , detail analysis and tracking of student progress through various courses, instructor recruitment for the Department and assessment.

This experience of closely working with instructors and students has vastly increased her understanding of the needs and requirements of working in an academic set up. It has made her sensitive to the requirements of young minds on the brink of starting promising careers.

Fun, friendly and a lady with a golden heart is how friends and acquaintances describe Vanita. When she is not helping the youth connect with their passions, Vanita volunteers at the at Orphanages and Animal Shelters.

Vanita strongly believes that the right education and information provided at the right time, is the key to addressing so many problems our nation is facing today .She actively works towards helping the country and its youth move towards a brighter and happier tomorrow.

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