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Naina is a strong, self-driven individual with great administrative, management and problem solving skills. She brings with her, various experiences from multiple industries like hotel management, IT, e-learning, banking, and education. This gives her an edge to excel in almost any professional environment. She has also had the opportunity to be a part of the IIM Women’s entrepreneurial program, in Vishakhapatnam.

Her experience at Glendale Academy International and Indus International has vastly increased her understanding of student and parent interactions, as well as the academic challenges that students face, making her sensitive to the requirements of young minds.

She was also actively involved with the admissions process, disciplinary cases,coordinating with inter school events, and working closely with teachers and other department heads on various matters. She also handled marketing and creating awareness about the new subjects introduced in schools.

Naina also has a strong inclination towards artistic endeavors, like graphic designing and fine arts, making her well-versed in the requirements of a lot of creative fields. She believes that good life skills, personality development and presentation skills are essential for today’s students to prosper, and every child, being unique, should be heard and understood for their own interests, inclinations and talents, and guided accordingly.

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