Indian Civil Services

Indian Civil Services is one of the most coveted career choices for several students. It is a career that demands love for the nation, determination to serve the nation and a burning desire to try making India a better nation.

Civil Services Examination is conducted by Union Public Service Commission every year for recruitment of aspiring candidates into 23 civil services of India including the three All India Services

It is a dream that can be turned into a reality only if the aspirant is highly disciplined and is equipped with the right skill sets. Students must develop a deep sense of responsibility and empathy. Besides this, acquiring knowledge on a daily process along with the syllabus advised by UPSC will make it possible for the aspirant to crack the exam.

Eligibility / Who can enrol? for the Foundation examination training

Students with History, Economics and Civics/ Political Science [HEC/P] background can enroll. In addition, they will be offered additional training for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary / Foundation examination.

The subjects taught under this program include :

As a part of the training course, students will be involved in various Community Service Activities and offered Internships that will help them gain hands on experience to serve and understand the society better.

While preparing for their Civil Service Examination, students can consider to pursue

B.A in Political Science / Economics / History / Sociology

Colleges students can consider for the same :

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